Our clients tell us that our business depth is what sets us apart from other business analytics firms. But perhaps even more rewarding, is when they tell us we are

  • Ethical
  • Customer-centric
  • Pragmatic
  • Professional

In our day-to-day operations, there’s also a difference working with Senturus. We believe it is because our team includes former CFOs, CIOs, VPs and business managers who will never compromise on your success or lose focus on the business benefits.


We are constantly investing in our ability to provide thought leadership and vision in business analytics. At the project level, leadership means that we will not necessarily build what you ask for. Instead, we build what you need. If thousands of satisfied clients are any guide, you will be, too.


The more users value and enthusiastically adopt business analytics, the greater the value they will create—as every business decision they make will be an informed decision.


Business analytics is all we do. We are focused on your success.


Perhaps this is our fundamental difference: we deliver short projects with high business impact. Fervently pragmatic, we focus on business processes and work backward. We do not try to boil the ocean: wrenching, enterprise-wide transformations do not work. Instead, we create a roadmap of discrete, doable changes; prioritize solutions in order of their value to your company; execute them in that order so you see benefits immediately and help you make the right decisions at every stage. We measure our success based on how quickly you can learn the business analytics system and run it without us.