BI Expert Staffing When and How You Need It

Wouldn’t it be great to have an entire team of BI experts on tap to fill in as needed, in whatever role you need? That’s exactly what you get with our BI Concierge service.

We’ll set you up with a senior Senturus BI architect – your BI concierge – who knows your environment and is your conduit to our team of subject matter experts. From high level, strategic guidance to boots-on-the-ground assistance and everything in between, Senturus expert staffing provides access to business analytics support when and how you need it. The Senturus BI Concierge service gives you flexibility and dedicated team players who will hit the ground running and keep your project and your team humming.

  • You can’t find people with knowledge of the complete BI stack
  • You have a huge backlog of requests for business analytics
  • Your business analytics expert(s) left the company or is on leave
  • Your BI team lacks sufficient expertise in the newer tools and latest versions
  • You want to create a proof of concept with a new tool, but lack the expertise in-house
  • You need to jumpstart development in a new subject area
  • You need to accelerate an existing development project
  • You’ve invested in the infrastructure and software for enterprise-wide deployment, but are having difficulty securing resources to build out your strategic development

Our consultants have an average of 20 years of business analytics experience and are familiar with the entire BI stack. Whether you need a report writer or a BI architect or something in between, you can count on us to:

  • Work for you full-time or part-time, according to your needs
  • Build BI knowledge and best practices into your team
  • Jumpstart a project or new capabilities
  • Address variable workloads with operational costs
  • Assist with software upgrades and migrations
  • Manage projects

You pay a retainer that can be used to meet any of your BI strategy and staffing needs as they arise (minimum 20 hours).

Familiarity with your environment. We’ll start with a kick-off meeting to get to know your team followed by a formal system health check and assessment. We get to know your environment and unique business needs.

Expertise on tap. We assign you a lead architect—your BI concierge—who works as part of your team and serves as the conduit to meeting all your BI needs.

Personalized support. Choose on-site or remote assistance, full-time or part-time.

Regular communication. We set up regular touchpoint calls at appropriate intervals (weekly, monthly, quarterly) to address your BI questions.

Access to the Senturus knowledge base. Through your lead architect you get access to our highly collaborative team of BI experts. There is no question they can’t answer!

Flexible allocation. Use your retainer for any support needs, including training.

With Senturus at your side, you can seamlessly meet the inevitable peaks and valleys of staffing a data driven organization. We look forward to working with—and for—you.