Gartner Report: Govern Thy Data

    Business Strategy & Perspectives

At Senturus, we are passionate about the importance of properly staging data. For the past few years we have been working with line-of-business users loving the self-service capabilities of tools like Tableau and Qlik. While we acknowledged their ease of use, we have also questioned the accuracy of the information found in those pretty dashboards: who is vetting the data? How good are the conclusions?

That is why we love this Gartner report Gartner Predicts 2015: Power Shift in Business Intelligence and Analytics Will Fuel Disruption. The concern about data accuracy with self-service analysis is one of the reasons we developed our Enterprise BI Connector for Tableau, which hooks into existing BI tools to quickly deliver validated data to Tableau in a secure, auditable fashion.

The report looks at factors like data discovery and other user-friendly analytics tools that are democratizing the access to data, discusses the market implications, and explains why the need for data governance is more important now than ever. It also offers practical direction for how organizations can proactively respond to this changing landscape to advance their analytics maturity and expand the use, impact, and value of their BI initiatives.

Bottom line: properly stage your data!

View our Enterprise BI Connector for Tableau Demo.

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