Our Favorite New Features in Cognos Analytics Release 10

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Cognos Analytics Release 10 is now available! While the focus of this release was more on quality and resolving existing APARs, there are several new features that we are excited about.

Here are a few that we look forward to using:

Dashboard drill-through

  • The Cognos Analytics dashboard tool can make some beautiful visualizations, but the ability to drill through to detailed reports was missing until now. A new property is now available that lets you map a value in the dashboard to use to the prompts in the target report.
    Monthly Revenue

Export dashboard to PDF

  • Unlike reports, which could be exported to a variety of outputs, the dashboard tool was previously limited to being viewable only in a web browser. In R10, you can now export the dashboards. R10 even supports multiple tabs if you are using them in the dashboard. This new capability uses the browser’s print to PDF capability, so your experience will vary based on the browser you are using.

The return of the Job button

  • Cognos BI 10 allowed users to create jobs as part of the standard consumer interface, but in Cognos Analytics, this feature was only available to admin users. In R10, the Job button is back and can be found with the report and dashboard tools under the new (+) button.

Better auto-zoom for maps

  • If you used the map visualization and tried running a dashboard or report there was often a delay before the map would zoom. The performance of this feature has been addressed and you will now have a more fluid and accurate experience.

If you missed our update on Cognos Analytics Release 7+ authoring improvements, view the webinar recording. You may also be interested in our recording of Tips for Installing Cognos Analytics, presented by Todd Schuman, the author or this post and our Practice Lead for Installations, Upgrades and Performance Tuning. The Senturus team implements hundreds of upgrades, installations and configurations of Cognos every year. Learn more about our Cognos Analytics Upgrade Services.