Tableau Maps: From Glum To Glam With 2019.2

June 19, 2019     News & Events

Before 2019.2, Tableau’s default maps lacked detail and looked fuzzy when you zoomed in. Compensating for the inadequacies required adding Mapbox—increasing complexity and cost. Tableau’s recent 2019.2 release changes all that. Mapping capabilities made a huge leap forward, going from basic to wow and providing the detail we have come to expect.


Get on The Map with Tableau Release 2019.2
How to Create Groups in Tableau

September 10, 2018     Tips & Tricks

Groups play an important part in everyday Tableau use, allowing you to get around the inconsistencies that arise when pulling data from various sources. Groups let you create custom combinations and hierarchies so you can use data in a way that makes sense for your particular analysis needs. Watch our step-by-step demo of how to create a Tableau worksheet that leverages a group.


Creating Groups in Tableau blog