Our Top 5 Fav Features: Tableau 10

Our short list of five features in Tableau 10 that we’re most excited about.

5. Workbook formatting

Tableau always gets high marks for the simplicity and beauty of their design. They just set the bar higher with their new workbook formatting feature that lets users easily apply their own personal style across an entire workbook with a few clicks. Want to express yourself with purple font? One click and BOOM, it’s done across every part of your workbook. Or apply corporate branding to your work? Easy peasy. If you get carried away and decide you’ve taken your artistry too far, you can easily undo your changes and reset to default with a single click as well. Watch the Tableau 10 workbook formatting video.

4. Custom Territories

This is an awesome new mapping feature. Recognizing that companies each have their own ways of organizing sales territories, Tableau has created a tool that lets you easily aggregate geographies to build your own custom territories. Watch the Tableau 10 custom territoris video.

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3. Data highlighter

The highlighter is a super nimble tool for data exploration. It lets you quickly search for and visually locate – i.e. using a bright yellow highlighter – specific data and it does it without changing the context of the data. For example, axes don’t change like they often do when filters are applied. Data drilldowns are fast and intuitive too – no workaround contortions or other unnatural acts required! You can also use it for ad hoc comparisons to help spot insights. Use it across dashboards, actions, worksheets, and filters. Watch the Tableau 10 highlighter video.

2. Cross data source filtering

Say so long to the limitations of being able to filter only a single data source at a time. For data with common dimensions, Tableau now lets you filter across multiple data sources at the same time, applying any edits or changes to all worksheets with data sources using the same filter. Watch the Tableau 10 filtering video.

1. Wildcard union and cross database joins

Hands down the most significant change to Tableau v10 is its ability to perform wildcard unions and cross-database joins on the fly. These new features propel Tableau into serious enterprise-class capabilities for analytics, removing the barriers and time consuming work-arounds created by data silos. Instead of being limited to a single data source, you can now join cross departmental data as well as work across multiple Excel workbooks, easily building and adjusting visualizations on the fly to gain insights across the organization. Watch the Tableau 10 Wildcard union and cross database joins video.

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