Modern Analytics Roadmap


You have a vision for modernizing your analytics. But how do you get there?

The scope of modernization is broad and layered. In order to achieve – and maximize – its benefits requires careful planning and thought. It requires organizing people, process and technology and tracking each through concurrent initiatives. Cultural changes and training may need to occur at the same time new technologies are being deployed.


We create a phased plan that maps out your long-term strategy while delivering high-value wins in the short term.

Our team meets with yours, interviewing IT and business leaders to gain full understanding of your organization’s business requirements.

Priority matrix
Matching business value against technical feasibility, we create a priority matrix.

Phased roadmap
Leveraging the priority matrix, we deliver a three-phase action plan. Phase 1 initiatives are broken down into timing details and practical, prioritized spints.


We scope out your project giving you a realistic view of timelines and how to confidently get to your goal.

  • Maps out the long-term strategy
  • Incorporates the best of your current analytics while taking you incrementally to your goal
  • Itemizes and prioritizes near-term, mid-term and long-term projects
  • Breaks down the large initiatives into practical, prioritized sprints
  • Identifies high-feasibility and high-value initiatives that deliver quick wins
  • Articulates realistic timelines
  • Identifies and coordinates overlapping departmental project initiatives
  • Identifies BI team resourcing needs
  • Includes a high-level project plan and detailed cost estimate for Phase 1

The Modern Analytics Roadmap is part of our modular Analytics Essentials service.