Business Intelligence Roadmap

Business Analytics Roadmap

If your business analytics system has not been architected to accommodate current changes in data and technology—not to mention your own organization’s natural evolution and growth—you are not alone. In today’s data-driven business environment, organizations face numerous challenges including:

  • Operational (source) systems that are proliferating
  • Silos of reporting that do not support executive requirements for a company-wide dashboard
  • The quantity and variety of data is growing exponentially
  • Technologies are in flux 
  • Data storage is shifting from on-premise to the Cloud
  • Tools need to be reevaluated and architecture adjusted
  • The existing data warehouse environment needs to be refreshed to keep up with changes in technology and is likely suffering from performance and usability issues
  • Users expect self-service analytics and visualization and predictive capabilities

Senturus takes a holistic, tech agnostic and highly pragmatic approach to business intelligence. We start by interviewing your organization's stakeholders across different functional groups to understand your unique reporting and analysis needs. We follow with a detailed assessment of the existing reporting systems and available data sources. We discern what information is most relevant and feasible to use, marrying your data with your highest business priorities. If required, we formally benchmark your environment against best practices and those of similar organizations. Finally, we provide a prioritized and phased plan to rejuvenate your analytics systems to meet the needs of your business over the coming years.

Our deep familiarity with the spectrum of presentation layer tools combined with expertise in most back-end data sources allows us to accurately assess and recommend the best tools for the job, saving you the time and expense of costly bakeoffs and evaluations. We map out architectural options to improve data timeliness and accuracy, allowing you to make better decisions across a wider breadth of data sets.


Senturus performs a thorough review of your existing system and outlines a plan for the future. Using our proven methodology, we itemize and prioritize near-term, mid-term and long-term projects. We identify high-feasibility and high-value initiatives that can be tackled first. At the conclusion of the service, Senturus delivers detailed documentation and a roadmap to keep your business on track into the future as well as a detailed scoping and estimate of the highest value phase one initiatives.