Corporate BI Training Programs and Discounts

Corporate Programs and Discounts

Senturus is your best partner for training in Power BI, Cognos and Tableau. Whether you need training on one ore more of the platforms or are transitioning from one platform to another, we can put together a program for you.


We offer four types of instruction styles. Mix and match any of these modalities to create customized training that meets the needs of your organization.

Instructor-led online classes: Dozens of regularly scheduled online classes.

Self-paced learning: On-demand web-based training.

Mentoring: One-on-one or small group assistance to help with a specific challenge or question, or to delve deeper into content covered during a class.

Private group instruction: Customized on-site or online training. A cost-effective option for five or more students requiring training on the same subject.

Corporate DISCOUNT Packages

We offer three programs to allow organizations to enjoy savings while addressing the complexities of rolling out training across diverse business units and varying degrees of subject matter proficiency.

Unlimited Passes: E-learning and instructor-led online.

Prepaid Credits: Best prices across all modalities.

Preferred Discount: No prepay required and can allocate expenses by department.

Choose unlimited access to all our e-learning courses or both our e-learning and instructor-led online classes. Packages can be purchased for one platform or any combination of courses in Tableau, Power BI and Cognos. 


Up to 25 students, one platform*

For more than 25 students and/or multiple platforms

Self-paced learning*



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Self-paced learning
Instructor-led online


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*With one-year contact paid upfront.

Prepaid Credits

Designed for organizations that require at least 20 student-days of training over a 12-month period.

  • Provides our best pricing
  • Pre-payment required
  • Training credits can be used for any Senturus class or type of training: private courses, mentoring, regularly scheduled classes and self-paced learning
  • No requirement to commit to a specific set of classes upfront
Preferred Discount

Designed for organizations that need to allocate training expenses by department rather than go through central purchasing. In exchange for promoting Senturus as a preferred training partner, organizations receive exclusive discounts good on all our training offerings.

  • No upfront payment or commitment
  • Students register and pay for our public online classes and self-paced learning individually with no limits on quantity
  • Exclusive discounts on mentoring and private classes
  • Good for 12 months
  • Payment by credit card or purchase order, allowing for expense allocation by department