30 Key Points to Bring Clarity to Any Analytics Modernization

Oh, for those glory days when your BI was simple, purpose-built and elegant. But now, organic growth combined with rapidly evolving technology changes and user demands have left you with a complex BI environment. Modernization projects get stalled in the web of legacy tech and people, information decentralization, and new tech and data. You need a way to catalog and order this chaos before you go about modernizing.

During this YouTube live stream, we will introduce you to a proven framework that will help you shift to an ordered, agile and flexible BI environment. You’ll learn 30 key points for keeping your analytics project from going off the rails. If you’re struggling with an existing analytics project or maybe unsure how to even start one, this overview will help guide you to a smooth deployment. ​

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On March 30 at 11am PT (2pm ET) click here to watch the 30 minute live stream.

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