Comparison of Power BI, Tableau & Cognos

Differentiators Demo'd

Power BI, Tableau and Cognos Analytics. You’ve heard about today’s most popular enterprise ready tools, but when have you been able to assess them in action, side by side? Here is your chance!

Join us for this unique dashboarding  show and tell webinar. Our experts in these three market leading solutions will review the dashboarding capabilities of each. After attending this webinar, you will have a good handle on the most current features of each tool. You’ll be better prepared to discuss missed opportunities in your organization’s current landscape and make plans for the future. You may even be inspired to add new skills to your own portfolio!

What you can expect from this live overview of Power BI, Tableau and Cognos Analytics:

  • A walk through of each tool’s look and feel
  • A discussion of the pros and cons of each
  • A demo and comparison of data loading, data prep and building of dashboard visualizations
  • A quick look at each tool, presenting the same data in a dashboard visualization

Finally! A vendor-agnostic take on the BI tools you’ve been hearing about.  Unvarnished, objective and from trusted leaders in BI. Put this one on your calendar.