Analyst Alert: Data Modeling Is a Required Skill

Flawed data and bad decisions result from poor data models

Alert all business analysts: you are now required to have a strong understanding of key data modeling concepts.

The new visual analytics tools have elevated this skill from “nice to have” to a “necessity.” As self-service analytics and data experimentation have become more common, these tools have opened the data floodgates. Any business user can introduce any type or quantity of data sources. IT departments, which used to manage that data in complex BI systems, have relinquished control, leaving the responsibility in the hands of line of business. The potential for flawed data is high.

Whether you use Cognos, Tableau, Power BI or even simple spreadsheets, managing your data architecture is crucial. These tools give you power to either be a data hero…or to be the source for delivering potentially unsound data that can lead to disastrous decisions.

Join us for this live webinar where we will share the data modeling fundamentals you need to confidently charge forward – heroically. From the simple linking of a single spreadsheet to an existing data package, all the way to a complete dimensional model of dozens of database objects, we will show you how proven data modeling techniques and fundamental concepts will guide you toward building a reliable, stable and accurate analytical framework.

Don’t miss this webinar to learn how business rules drive data models. We’ll also show you how those models appear in the query language…and get you over your fear of SQL!