Extending Power BI Functionality with R

Learn the basics to get started

While Power BI is a formidable self-service analytics tool, it has limitations. As you start building more advanced analytics, you’ll bump up against restrictions related to data sources, functions and visualizations. That is where R comes in.

R lets you get around these restrictions and create customized analytics. For starters, it lets you connect to data sources not currently supported by Power BI. It helps to create variables, formulas, functions and graphs to visualize analysis and predictions. And with R packages, you can leverage analytics that are not directly built into Power BI. What’s more, R is free to use.

Register for our live webinar to learn the basics to get started using R with Power BI. You’ll learn how to set up the software and what libraries are needed.

We will show you how to use R scripts to

  • Create data
  • Connect to a data source
  • Build a visual
  • Transforming data

Understanding the integration between R and Power BI, you can significantly increase your data analytics capabilities. See you at the webinar!

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