Getting started with (just enough) data governance

Small steps you can take now

Just like New Year’s resolutions to finally get back into shape, plans to implement data governance often fail, despite the best intentions. Why? Because we go out the gate trying for perfection and become overwhelmed. We start to avoid and procrastinate. We make excuses: Too busy. Too hard. Confusing. Not fun.

The hardest part of data governance is getting started. In this webinar, we will address practical, actionable steps you can take immediately, and on a small scale, to start your organization down the path to healthier data through data governance:

  • Prioritizing data issues to identify a starting point
  • Gaining support from senior leadership and key stakeholders
  • Choosing your initial data governance team
  • Applying an Agile approach to the data governance process
  • Building momentum to drive data governance into the organization

We will share real-world examples of what has worked for other organizations. Along the way, you will also learn some simple and efficient tools for prioritizing and documenting your data elements as well as often overlooked techniques for change management.

This live event continues where our first webinar, Why Bother with Data Governance, left off.  There, we defined the purpose and value of data governance to an organization. We highlighted the signs of risk from data complacency and we spoke to the big components of a DG program.

Make sure to join us for our new webinar to learn how you can make good on your resolution by implementing (just enough) data governance to get you going. 


Mike Bigenwald
Senturus, Inc.

Mike’s 30-year career has been focused on helping organizations worldwide make better decisions through the use of data, information and analytics. Mike joined Senturus from Slalom Consulting, where he led the Chicago Information Management and Analytics practice. Before Slalom, Mike was part of IBM’s acquisition of SPSS, where he held a variety of global leadership roles in the SPSS professional services, training and partner channel organizations.