Microsoft Fabric: Architecture or Marketecture?

Is Microsoft Fabric the significant architectural advancement that Microsoft claims it is… or is it really just the same old stuff repackaged? We’ve been wondering ourselves. Our analytics experts set out to sleuth the truth and delve into Fabric. Their mission: to understand the real-world implications and advantages of Fabric and report back. 

If you are an IT, cloud computing or digital infrastructure professional and are wondering what Fabric really gives you, join our webinar. You will learn what distinguishes Fabric from conventional cloud architectures. Or not.  

In the live event, we will explore 

  • Data Factory 
  • Synapse Data Warehousing 
  • Synapse Data Science 
  • Synapse Data Engineering 
  • OneLake 
  • Power BI 
  • and more… 

Guy Wilnai
Vice President, Professional Services
Senturus, Inc.

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