Snowflake’s Cloud Data Platform and Modern Analytics

Demo of performant, secure, scalable, near-zero maintenance platform 

Join us for a live webinar about performant modern business intelligence using Snowflake, the cloud-based data warehouse platform. If you’re looking to improve the performance of your old legacy database or want to get out of the business of performing maintenance and upgrades, this live demo and discussion with Snowflake – with time for Q&A – is for you.

What we will demo in this webinar

  • Snowflake’s intuitive user interface
  • Creating databases and compute nodes
  • Loading data via various methods
  • Running queries in Snowflake
  • Natively storing and querying semi-structured data

What you will learn about

  • Zero management: built-in performance and security
  • Instant elasticity: easily scale computer power up or down
  • A single repository: structured and semi-structured data
  • ANSI-standard SQL: keep your existing tools
  • Pay by the second usage: scale storage separate from compute

Designed specifically for the cloud, Snowflake can serve as a single data repository for structured and unstructured data, providing elastic performance and scalability while reducing overhead and maintenance. While the face of analytics has morphed in this hyper data-driven age, the need for a central repository remains. Serving as a single source of the truth, it provides efficient and secure storage of often sensitive and highly varied data, enables automated data updates and addresses the needs for information sharing.

This webinar on Snowflake will deliver a flurry of great information. If you’re moving off a legacy database to a more modern performant data platform and considering moving to the cloud, make sure to catch this event!