Tableau Dashboards that Captivate & Communicate

Characteristics of Well Designed, Interactive Dashboards

Movie previews, elevator pitches and…Tableau visualizations. They all give you a small window to capture audience attention. And, you can as easily lose your audience by overloading them with info as by underwhelming them. Tableau makes it incredibly easy to create exploratory dashboards, but not all dashboards are created equal. Why do some really engage users while others fall flat and get no traction?

Join us for this live, and lively, webinar where we will look at the specific characteristics of well-designed dashboards. Calling upon our years of experience in Tableau development, we’ll be sharing best practices and offering concrete, real-life dashboard design examples.  You will be able to apply the concepts learned in this webinar to your own visualizations, understanding what design elements to consider and what to avoid.

Catch this webinar and learn to author high-impact visuals that get your work noticed!