Use Visual Analytics Tools with Trusted Cognos Data


When Cognos-based organizations roll out new BI visualization tools like Power BI, Tableau and Qlik to end users, they experience reporting issues because these platforms do not connect to Cognos as a data source. End users end up being forced to bypass all that gorgeous, governed and prepared data in Cognos – with business rules and security measures –  and work directly with raw data sources, going through the labor intensive and error prone task of remodeling data. Aside from wasting loads of valuable time, this method comprises data integrity, security and reporting accuracy.

Join us for this demo of the Senturus Analytics Connector to see how easy it is to tap into Cognos as a data source for self-service visual analytics tools. Our easy-to-use Analytics Connector provides a wealth of benefits including

  • The best of both enterprise BI and visual analytics, enabling efficient bimodal functionality
  • Faster, more accurate reporting
  • Reduced change management cost and risk
  • Improved security with appropriate guardrails around data access
  • Increased data accuracy
  • Better overall performance

Michael Weinhauer
Practice Area Director and Solutions Architect
Senturus, Inc.

Michael’s team is responsible for the development of the Senturus Analytics Connector. He also heads up our Tableau Practice. Before Senturus, Michael spent over 20 years in different roles at Oracle, IBM and SAP acquiring a wealth of hands-on, practical BI and big data experience.