Use Visual Analytics Tools with Trusted Cognos Data

Senturus Analytics Connector Enables Bi-Modal BI

As powerful as they are, visualization tools like Power BI and Tableau do not natively connect to Cognos as a data source. Considering the heavy investment many organizations have made in the Cognos platform, that’s a real problem. It’s costing money, wasting time and compromising data security. Reporting accuracy suffers.

Why?  Because end users can’t get to the governed and prepared data in Cognos, they bypass it. Instead, they work directly with raw data sources, going through the labor intensive, error prone and redundant task of remodeling data. Aside from the time wasted, this method comprises data integrity, security and reporting accuracy.

But there is a smart, easy solution to this costly problem. The Senturus  Analytics Connector.

Via a drag-and-drop interface, the Analytics Connector allows visual analytics tools to tap directly into Cognos as a data source. The result: improved efficiencies all around.

Join us for this live show-and-tell webinar and learn about the benefits of the Senturus Analytics Connector.

  • Efficient bi-modal BI functionality that leverages the best of enterprise BI and visual analytics tools
  • Faster, more accurate reporting
  • Reduced change management cost and risk
  • Improved security with appropriate guardrails around data access
  • Increased data accuracy
  • Better overall performance
  • New v4.0 features that make enterprise configuration and maintenance easier and are able to accommodate locked down desktop environments