Putting the Visual in Power BI Visualizations

Go from Data Dump to Data Discovery 

Developing effective visuals is part science, part art. Sometimes we developers get too focused on the data side – the science – of using Power BI. Focusing our attention on data prep, manipulation and the power of DAX, we all but forget other audiences need to make sense of this data. We need to present our results in ways that help the business uncover trends, patterns and insights.

Visualizations help management and other end users to quickly and easily understand the data in your reports. Simply doing a data dump and calling it a visualization is a huge disservice to Power BI and the hard work you’ve done to code and create tables. In short, design matters and pretty pictures count.

Join our webinar to learn practical, real-world techniques for creating Power BI visuals that serve as effective data discovery tools.

Some of the specific demos will include:

  • Achieving multiple results with a dynamic prompt
  • Using conditional color coding
  • Creating visually rich report tooltips