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Asset Management & Banking

This company is a leading provider of asset management, fiduciary, banking, asset servicing and fund administration solutions for individuals, families, corporations and institutions worldwide.  Based in the midwest, the company has offices in 18 U.S. states and 17 international locations.  In 2013, the company had $97 billion in banking assets, $5.0 trillion in assets under custody, and $803 billion in assets under management. 

Cllient Challenges

The client's business users were familiar with and mostly satisfied with Cognos Power-Play, a legacy data exploration tool. However, because Power-Play is nearing the end of its lifecycle, the company decided to migrate its business analysts to IBM Cognos Workspace Advanced in order to standardize its analytics solution on the latest platform. Rather than take a strict approach of demanding that users migrate to Cognos Workspace Advanced, the company decided to position Workspace Advanced as an alternative with no cutover date and did not disclose its long-term plan to phase out Power-Play. Key to the company’s strategy of encouraging, rather than forcing, migration was a plan to provide quality training on Cognos Workspace Advanced that would highlight its advantages and make it easy to adopt. The company decided to first focus on developing and delivering a customized training solution for a small, select group of its most experienced users.

Senturus Solution

Senturus approached the client's training project knowing that a very high bar had been set for the course – the goal was to not only educate attendees, but also lead them to willingly migrate from Power-Play to Workspace Advanced.

Based on time and budget constraints and objectives, Senturus decided to develop a two-day training course. The first training day would be devoted to covering the fundamentals of Cognos Workspace Advanced and draw on standard courseware. The objective of the second day of training would be to clearly demonstrate Workspace Advanced’s comparative advantages over Power-Play in meeting users’ needs. To accomplish this, Senturus provided customized training, including developing hands-on exercises based on the client's actual data.

Extensive training experience and knowledge of Cognos tools enabled Senturus to develop and deliver a two-day training course within only three days.

On a Tuesday, Senturus’ director of training met with the client on site for an intensive day of developing and customizing course material that would address the client's specific requirements and provide practical, relevant exercises based on Northern Trust’s data. That Wednesday, Senturus delivered a first day of training that covered the fundamentals of Cognos Work Space Advance based on standard courseware. That evening, Senturus’ trainer drew on insights gained that day about students’ knowledge and training needs to further modify the customized segment of training. On Thursday, Senturus delivered the freshly developed, customized day of training.

The customized training was designed to foster informal learning, discussion, and questions amongst high-level users of Power-Play. Scripted exercises were included as a jumping off point for “power users” to together learn and explore how best to maximize the capabilities of Workspace Advanced.

Based on the positive response to Senturus’ training, the client decided it was ready to take the next step of expanding training to up to 300 additional users. Unlike the first training, which was especially designed for power users, this second training course would need to reach a much broader audience of individuals with varying experience and knowledge of Power Play, the company's operations and requirements, and data exploration tools. To accomplish this, Senturus presented the client with multiple training options, including recorded training, live classroom training and training employees to serve as trainers.

Cost, time and the challenges of scheduling training for employees from multiple locations were pragmatic and important considerations leading to the client's determination that self-paced, computer-based training would be the most flexible, convenient and cost-effective method of rolling out training. The client turned to Senturus once more to develop a self-paced computer-based training course that includes hands-on exercises. Students are able to learn at their own pace. The training is delivered in the form of recorded instruction, accompanied by detailed course materials, which together allow individual students to participate in training at their convenience and at their own pace. Courseware is customized to the company but not specific functional groups or locations, as this further customization would be possible but add expense and complexity.

“Senturus training experts collaborate with clients to rapidly develop customized courseware and deliver it in the best format. From start to finish, it took Senturus only three days to develop and deliver a two-day course.”