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Asset Management

This company is a leading provider of asset management, fiduciary, banking, asset servicing and fund administration solutions for individuals, families, corporations and institutions worldwide.  Based in the midwest, the company has offices in 18 U.S. states and 17 international locations.  In 2013, the company had $97 billion in banking assets, $5.0 trillion in assets under custody, and $803 billion in assets under management. 

Client Challenges

When the company decided to upgrade its business intelligence applications to a new version, the company looked forward to realizing improved stability and performance in generating reports.  The client was particularly optimistic about the performance advantages promised by the new application’s query optimization technology.  By preloading and storing frequently needed sets of data in a server’s memory, the data query optimization technology would reduce the time required to retrieve data and deliver answers to business users. 

However, after implementing the new application in a user acceptance testing environment, the client encountered significant stability and performance issues. Some reports would run endlessly without ever completing, others would run more slowly in the new environment than in the old environment, and others would fail immediately. 

The client wanted to fully implement the new features available in the latest release of their business intelligence application, but they needed to know: could the query optimization technology be made to work correctly in their environment?  And if not, what were the best options for ensuring system stability and performance that was at least on par with their existing business intelligence application?

Senturus  Solution

Senturus’ first step was to work with the client’s IT team to test the new query optimization technology and analyze results.  Next, Senturus tested the query functionality in the version of the application that the client was already using.  A comparison of performance results between “old” and “new” technology led to a finding that surprised the client:  performance of the older query capability bested that of the new query optimization technology. 

Learning that the new query optimization technology would not deliver promised advantages was disappointing to the client.  Even so, Senturus’ ability to quickly and clearly determine that the client would be better off continuing to use the existing query technology represented a significant win from the perspective of its IT department.  Without Senturus’ analysis, IT managers might have dedicated significantly more time and resources to installing, configuring and troubleshooting the new query optimization technology.  Doing so would have been frustrating, time-consuming and ultimately disappointing, and would have delayed the rollout of the new version of the business intelligence applications. 

In addition to identifying the best solution for data query optimization, Senturus also performed detailed system configuration audits on the client’s multiple servers, providing guidance on configuration adjustments to optimize overall performance, increase system stability and reduce system errors. 

Senturus enabled the client to more quickly and efficiently roll out the new version of their business intelligence environment without sacrificing stability and performance.

Quick determination of the best query optimization technology and configuration settings provided the roadmap for the clearest, quickest upgrade path to a new business intelligence environment.