Aviation Manufacturer -

Aviation Manufacturer

A leading manufacturer of flight simulators, this Canadian company designs, markets and supports aviation products and related services for airlines, aircraft OEMS, flight training centers and training organizations worldwide.


  • Reliance on multiple, disparate Excel workbooks made tracking revenue and cash flows a difficult, time-consuming challenge for sales, manufacturing and finance teams.
  • Changes in expected dates of customer payments tied to manufacturing milestones were not reflected in corresponding manufacturing, sales and finance workbooks on a regular or automated basis as required.
  • Products are comprised of millions of dollars of parts, and thousands of hours of labor, and are subject to multiple manufacturing modifications. Cost estimates are based on standard production bills of material (BOM) that did not reflect modifications to those orders.


Senturus designed and implemented a centralized, web-accessed planning database that enables fast, automated updating and communication of data used in reports and plans across multiple functional groups.

  • Revenue plans maintained by sales managers, and reported by customer, contract and product) are maintained by sales managers.
  • Production plans are maintained by the production managers and reported by production line and product. These include:
  • Production milestones.
  • Bills of Material (BOM) and Bills of Labor (BOL) that can be customized by contract if applicable.
  • Records of contracts payments are reported by customer, contract and product and are maintained by finance. These include:
  • Payment milestones linked to production milestone dates.
  • Revenue recognition and cash flow plan calculations linked to production milestone dates and to percentage completion (as based on monthly production costs as a percent of total expected costs).

Accurate, coordinated, timely and integrated cash flow plans are now kept up-to-date by line management, and reflect operational changes.