Behavioral Healthcare Provider -

Behavioral Healthcare Provider

The nation’s largest and most comprehensive network of specialized behavioral care services, this company owns and operates facilities across 30 states. The company provides a broad range of personalized treatment services in diverse settings: outpatient clinics, psychiatric hospitals, residential treatment facilities, therapeutic boarding schools, plus weight management centers, schools and camps.


This provider of a network of specialty behavioral care services lacked data and systems to efficiently and effectively assess, manage and respond to changing human resources requirements.  Growth through acquisition of autonomous organizations had resulted in the existence of diverse financial applications and data sources, lack of consistency in labor best practices and job codes, and difficulty rolling up labor data for analysis.


Senturus integrated payroll data from third-party payroll services provider, ADP, with other business data from in-house systems to develop a powerful, new business intelligence solution that:

  • Enables analysis of staffing patterns, staffing composition
  • Provides comparison of labor costs based on normalized peer groups, across facilities, cities, states and regions
  • Offers drill-down capability by business segment, region, subregion, and individual facility
  • Streamlines job codes and compensation strategies
  • Discovers anomalies and outliers, hidden costs
  • Enables sharing of labor best practices
  • Allows regional and facility management to proactively address staff reductions and hiring at the local level
  • Eliminates manual data extraction and manipulation
  • Aligns management decision making, with a single source of truth

The solution enables staff to more effectively and easily analyze and address staffing resources and requirements.

Consistent visibility into true labor costs enables business leaders to make better decisions that result in more efficient operations and improved profitability.