Beverage Retailer and Producer -

Beverage Retailer and Producer

This specialty coffee retailer and producer sells coffee through over 135 coffee houses in six states, as well as nationally through grocery chains, mail order and online. The company processes more than 350,000 transactions per day.


Meeting the company’s financial reporting requirements was challenging, time-consuming and labor-intensive for the finance staff of this successful coffee retailer. The company's new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system lacked built-in financial reporting tools, as well as general ledger and associated financial data–shortcomings that are not uncommon among many companies but nevertheless, problematic.

Each month, the finance staff produced and distributed profit and loss statements broadly, down to sales district and store level. Doing so required long, stressful hours of manual manipulation and distribution of hundreds of Excel spreadsheets. Finance staff first extracted data using XLR, manually manipulated data according to multiple hierarchies using Excel spreadsheets and finally, carefully controlled distribution of unique reports to individuals throughout the company.

The finance department sought a solution that would improve the quality and efficiency of accessing, reporting and analyzing financial information, including

  • Equip the finance group with self-service hierarchical management control
  • Provide support for multiple hierarchies and allow for additional hierarchies
  • Enable automatic and secure distribution of reports filtered by the unique requirements of 150 recipients
  • Refresh data at least every 15 minutes during close and other critical times
  • Allow high performance ad-hoc analysis and development of reports that are far richer in detail and complexity than standard reports

Senturus implemented a powerful dimension management software tool with an easy-to-use, web-based user interface that enables flexible management of data structures, relationships and attributes in a shared view. The client’s finance staff can now create and modify hierarchies and perspectives for financial reporting and performance management processes such as reporting, planning, analytics and consolidations.

Key features and benefits

  • User-friendly graphical user interface (GUI) and drag-and-drop tool allows finance department users to easily create, modify and control an unlimited number of alternative hierarchies and perspectives on a self-service basis. IT assistance is not required.
  • Additional finance tables are maintained through the software tool that enables users to author reports with relational or dimensional data sources and perform more advanced data exploration, such as adding measures, conditional formatting and advanced calculations.
  • Manual, time-consuming and error-prone efforts have been replaced by transparent, fast, flexible and automated processes.
  • Data refreshes regularly at less than 15 minute intervals. Current data is now available at all times, not only during close period.
  • Automatic and secure report distribution to over 150 recipients takes minutes instead of days to accomplish. Each recipient’s report includes a unique set of departments that is configurable to any level of hierarchy.
  • High performance ad-hoc analysis and report development is enabled. A simple report definition table drives aggregation and formatting.
  • Reporting tools and sophisticated interactive workspaces that facilitate collaborative decision making and provide bi-directional interfaces to external systems.

Powerful dimension management software empowers finance staff to quickly, flexibly and easily produce and distribute rich, complex financial reports based on an unlimited number of alternative hierarchies and perspectives.