Beverage Retailer & Producer -

Beverage Retailer & Producer

This specialty coffee retailer and producer sells coffee through over 135 coffee houses in six states, as well as nationally through grocery chains, mail order, and online.  The company processes more than 350,000 transactions per day.


Lack of timely access to key performance indicators limited the Company’s ability to measure and manage operations of multiple sales channels.  For example:

  • Finance, planning and management staff lacked data regarding profitability by store location.
  • Reports on excessive overtime took up to 45 days to be generated.
  • There was no data available on speed of service, an important competitive factor.
  • It was impossible to identify sources of product wastage.

Senturus gained a deep understanding of the client's reporting and business requirements and corporate roadmap.  Based on this knowledge, Senturus developed a Business Intelligence solution that

  • Identifies and displays side-by-side comparisons of the most profitable and least profitable stores,
  • Highlights the top three products sold by each store, along with their profit margins.
  • Gives managers drill-down data of labor costs at the individual employee level by store location.  Reports are available within 24 hours so correction action can be taken promptly in the event of excessive overtime.
  • Identifies stores where service levels fall so that re-training or other action can be taken to increase service speed.
  • Saves more than $1 million a year in product wastage resulting from 10-20 percent over-brewing during slow business periods..

Senturus implemented a new reporting and analysis system that has changed the way this coffee retailer does business.  More than 50 percent of headquarters staff use the system on a regular basis.