Footware & Apparel Manufacturer -

Footware & Apparel Manufacturer

This client manufacturers high-performance footwear and apparel for equestrian athletes.


Consolidation and periodic Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) updates of manufacturing plans using actual data took days to complete and produced many exceptions (e.g. extracting data, processing product mismatches, managing cutoffs, and balancing).

  • Insufficient time was left for planning and analysis.
  • Very large Excel workbooks weren’t amenable to collaborative, parallel planning by the Merchandise department.
  • Products could not be reviewed as often as needed.
  • Open order rescheduling was not timely.
  • Merchandise impacts included low inventory turnover and low warehouse in-stock service levels for many products.

Senturus replaced massive Excel workbooks with a centralized inventory planning model and web-based application organized by product.

Capabilities Include:

  • Unit sales and warehouse receipts are planned for active and close-out styles.
  • Gross margin, inventory turn and weeks-of-supply are calculated and reported at all levels of the merchandise classification structure.
  • ERP (SAP) SKU data is mapped to merchandise styles.
  • ERP (SAP) data is used for all product attributes and roll-ups.
  • ERP (SAP) actual data updates are used for warehouse inventory, actual sales (shipments), actual warehouse receipts, future vendor reorders, and open customer orders.
  • Planning workflow status is tracked by style.
  • Merchandise planners adjust sales forecasts, reschedule vendor orders, add new reorders, and adjust future wholesale prices and expected landed costs.
  • All data is published to the company data warehouse for reporting three times per day.

Now, four merchandise planners collaborate to review all products at least monthly. Annual inventory turnover has improved from three to more than four. Warehouse in-stock service levels for customer order fulfillment have improved from the 80-plus percentile to 90-plus percentile.