International Freight Forwarder -

International Freight Forwarder

This full service international freight forwarder, NVOCC carrier and customs broker provides air, ocean and land logistics solutions through a global network of offices.

Client Challenges

As one of the largest international freight forwarders in North America, the company is responsible for the transportation and logistics of thousands of customers’ shipments by air, land and ocean. Employees and customers alike wanted to be able to easily and quickly find customized, detailed information about the location, status and expected delivery of a shipping container at any given time. The company’s existing systems did not provide the ability for customers to access this information directly; this information could only be generated by requesting employees to create custom reports on an ad hoc basis.

In order to improve operations and customer satisfaction, the company sought a means of providing accurate, secure, efficient internal and external access to a customizable, user-specified set of details for any shipment.

Senturus Solution 

Senturus developed a solution that which enables the client's employees and customers to easily access accurate, up-to-date, detailed information on a self-serve basis. Key to Senturus’ approach: working closely with the client to determine users’ requirements and leveraging deep knowledge of business intelligence solutions – from systems and databases to front-end user interfaces.

Senturus customized the front-end interface of the client's reporting portal, replacing a generic user interface with one that displayed the client's brand and streamlined specifically to provide the required functionality. To support this solution, Senturus developed a customized metadata model and report package that enables object information to be automatically retrieved directly from the content store. Data access was limited based on user identity, to ensure privacy of customer shipment information. For external users, only data specific to shipments associated with that user’s company is accessible. For internal administrative users, data can be queried to generate shipping status reports for any valid customer.

Users are now able to create and save customized, dynamic reports by specifying the desired report output format and parameters, including only the columns that are important to them, and specifying sequence, row sort order and other preferences.

The solution enables the client's employees and customers to more effectively monitor and manage shipments across the globe, allowing them to easily access detailed information on the status and location of their shipments for improved delivery and inventory planning.

Customized portal enables employees and customers to generate customized, dynamic reports that provide accurate, up-to-date details on the status and location of their shipments for improved delivery and inventory planning.