Global Investment Manager

This leading financial services company is a global investment manager. At the core of its business are multiple world-class investment management groups supported by a single global platform. The firm has offices in 35 countries around the world and offers investment solutions and services in more than 150 countries.

Client Challenges

Convenient, timely access to information is critical to success as a global investment manager. The client's executives and senior and mid-level managers had only limited access to a set of metrics and interactive reports using a laptop or desktop computer connected to the Company network. Generating ad hoc reports was a time-consuming process that required support from report developers.

Senturus Solution

The client's executives were excited about the potential of mobile reporting to equip them with expanded access to financial management metrics and reports using an iPad at any time, from anywhere, and without connection to the Company network.

Based on extensive knowledge of business intelligence solutions and the client’s current database and user requirements, Senturus developed a solution that provides mobile reporting capabilities while dramatically simplifying and improving report generation, giving users ready access to more metrics through a redesigned dashboard.

Senturus took a collaborative, iterative approach to designing reports and dashboards. Early in the project, the Senturus team dedicated time to understanding the client's requirements, working closely with users and technical staff to educate them about the business intelligence solution’s mobile capabilities, identify user priorities, and determine what trade-offs should be made in terms of performance, type and amount of data. Prototypes were quickly shared, evaluated and modified based on ongoing user feedback.

The resulting redesigned sales dashboard provides a more visually appealing, user-friendly experience that has enhanced user adoption and utilization.

In addition to providing mobile reporting and a new dashboard, Senturus’ solution enhances the client's ability to quickly and easily calculate metrics and generate reports.

  •  Improves the performance and speed of report generation. Senturus’ solution uses a metadata modeling tool to extract data from the existing data warehouse, load the data into multidimensional cubes, and pre-calculate the metrics. The new cubes greatly simplify and speed report development. Benefits include:
    •  Flexibility: An eightfold increase in the number of measures directly available in the cube.
    •  Efficiency: Cube measures can be inserted by “drag and drop” and easily used to create other ad hoc reports.
    • Consistency: The standardized definition of the metrics in the metadata modeling tool promotes consistency across reports.
    • Scalability: Performance is improved because complex, time-consuming logic that had previously been performed in generating a report is now executed in the database and in the multidimensional cube.
  • Provides a level of data security using a technique called “report bursting” so that users can view only relevant and appropriate data in a report.

Based on the success of the sales dashboard, the client asked Senturus to deliver global dashboards for the company's human resources department.

Mobile reporting provides convenient, fast access to up-to-date management data at any time and any place using an iPad or other device.