Independent Bank -

Independent Bank

Founded in 1964, this client is one of the oldest independent family-owned and managed banks in California. A leading retail and commercial bank and mortgage lender, the bank focuses on personalized service for clients.

Client Challenges

The client’s core banking system relied upon a pre-built data warehouse that utilized an old report authoring tool that didn’t take advantage of the web’s capabilities. When the client learned that the vendor of the report authoring tool would soon stop supporting it, the bank knew it needed to act to ensure continued availability of the reports generated using the tool.

The report authoring tool vendor offered a new tool and a migration utility intended to allow customers to automatically convert from the old reporting tool to the new one. However, Senturus found that the vendor’s migration utility worked for less than 10 percent of the client’s 400 reports. That meant that the vast majority of reports—some 360–would need to be redeveloped.  Surprisingly, this issue was not unique to the bank; in fact, Senturus had found that the migration utility could not be relied upon by other companies as well.

Senturus Solution

Senturus acted quickly to develop a solution that would ensure continued access to the critical information contained in captured by the 400 reports impacted.

Faced with a pressing deadline and urgent customer need, Senturus assembled a team of experienced developers with a “do whatever it takes” mindset. The team converged upon the bank to quickly rewrite reports and run quality checks to ensure a solution would be in place before vendor support of the old report authoring tool ended. The team ran each report using the old report authoring tool, and then rewrote reports to exactly “mimic” the old tool’s functionality and replicate the results in the new report authoring tool.

The Senturus team’s deep knowledge of the new report authoring tool enabled them to do more than exactly replicate each of the bank’s 400 reports. In the process of rewriting and testing reports using the new tool, the team took the extra step of improving report processes and consolidated reports, leading to a reduction in the number of reports by approximately one-quarter.

  • Streamlined report generation processes. For example, using the old report authoring tool to produce a report based on a subset of data from another report was a time-consuming and manual two-step process. Users would run one report, save results to a file, then use those results as a filter to run a second report. Normally, this two-step process would also be the case using even the new report authoring tool. However, Senturus redesigned reports so that these same results may be obtained in one step.
  • Developed parameter-driven reports. Senturus created reports so that multiple permutations can be generated for a single parameter. As a result, fewer reports need to be generated and maintained. For example, in the past, the bank might need to maintain 10 different reports. Creating a single parameter with 10 different permutations enables 10 different reports to be replaced by one.
  • Reduced number of data models. The old report authoring tool included dozens of data models. Changes to data required changes to multiple data models. By reducing the number of data models, Senturus reduced the bank’s maintenance costs.

Acting quickly and leveraging knowledge of current and new report writing tools, Senturus enabled this banking client to ensure continued access to critical information and reduce maintenance requirements.

Redesign and consolidation of reports using new report authoring tool ensures access to critical data and decreases maintenance requirements.