Online Retailer of Photo Products

A leading manufacturer and online retailer of high-quality personalized digital photo products and services, this publicly held company offers a family of brands.  The company publishes photo books and stationery, offers book-making software and a cloud-based solution for photo and video archival and sharing, as well as runs the premier online marketplace for photographic and video equipment rentals.


Maintaining leadership in the dynamic and fast-growing market for digital photo and video products and services has led to rapid growth, organizational change, and multiple acquisitions for this internet-based manufacturer and digital retailer.  The company faced an urgent need to provide business managers with improved visibility to budget and sales data while retaining a lean financial planning and analysis staff.


Senturus built a general ledger data mart to blend budget and actuals data, and a budget variance analysis dashboard tool to provide regular, up-to-date feedback to budget owners. The solution provides multiple benefits:

  • Instant visibility to budget variances.
  • Drill-down capability for analysis and reports by customer, by region, by product, and by business unit.
  • Highlights of important anomalies and variances.
  • Security of sensitive payroll data.
  • Dissemination and input of data across the company.
  • Elimination of repetitive manual data extraction and manipulation.

Managers throughout the company now have access to a common source of regular, accurate and consistent data that improves their ability to plan and make informed business decisions. 

The solution empowers business stakeholders to maintain true ownership of their budget and forecast contributions. Budget cycles have been improved and shortened.  Most issues can now be resolved early – well in advance of budget meetings. 

Business stakeholders have gained an effective tool to proactively resolve budget issues. Finance staff and resources are better prepared to focus on addressing business requirements.