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Online Retail Software

The leading provider of personalized product recommendations for online retailers, consumer brands and agencies, this company leverages the power of cloud computing and big data to maximize the effectiveness of digital marketing.  The company builds deep profiles based on each individual shopper’s behavior, then uses a patented portfolio of algorithms and real-time optimization to deliver the most relevant recommendations. Based in Silicon Valley, California, with offices in Ann Arbor, Michigan, New York and London, the company today manages more than 250 million unique consumer profiles for more than 400 leading retailers and consumer brands.


Providing online shopping recommendations to millions of consumers of hundreds of retailers and consumer brands makes the ability to easily, accurately and rapidly maintain, analyze and bill clients based on masses of data essential.  The client required a solution that would enable:

  • Easy analysis of enormous amounts of data from its entire customer base in order to identify and create product improvements and new strategies
  • Fast report generation.  Generating a single report bases on clickstream level data from all clients required hours.
  • Rapid identification of errors.  Client web sites changed constantly, resulting in frequent and numerous errors that were not immediately identified.  
  • Billing of clients based on clickstream data

Based on a thorough assessment of the client's requirements, Senturus developed a technical architecture that allows this digital marketing leader to 

  • Run reports in a minute or less
  • Modify reports and drill down to find trends from client data
  • Easily and accurately bill clients
  • Quickly find errors from client feeds and work with client to correct them

The new architecture provides essential capabilities that enable the client to maintain leadership and high levels of customer service in the demanding, 24/7 world of online retailing.

A new technical architecture allows this leading digital marketer to more quickly and easily analyze big data, identify and respond to market trends and serve clients.