Packaged Food Producer -

Packaged Food Producer

This natural and organic food company offers over 125 products that are available at over 25,000 retail locations in the United States and Canada.


This fast-growing organic food company had long outgrown its time-intensive, largely manual process of obtaining and consolidating regional sales plans using Excel workbooks

  • Sales planning required factoring thousands of combinations of over 125 products, 1000 SKUs and multiple pricing agreements across hundreds of customers.
  • Sales planning and forecasts were prone to error and delay.

Senturus implemented a centralized, web-based sales unit input system that allows different business segments to analyze data and plan according to specific needs. The new system supports business analysis by making it possible to efficiently and quickly evaluate different “slices” of data related to business unit, product category, customer type and geography.

Capabilities Include:

  • SKU-level sales planning for national chain customers can be broken out by individual ship-to distribution centers.
  • Product-category level sales planning inputs for different customer types can be broken down by individual ship-to distribution centers.
  • Price category and tier numbers can be assigned to each customer so that prices can be maintained by category, tier and SKU instead of by only individual customer and SKU.
  • Automatic, real-time consolidation of sales plans more accurately and efficiently allocates products to SKUs and customer ship-to addresses based on historical patterns.
  • Quarterly rolling re-forecasts can be completed in a few days, in contrast to past reliance on annual plans that took weeks to prepare, consolidate and apply to revenue, cost and gross margin forecasts.

As a result of the new system, the company can more quickly, efficiently and accurately track, aggregate, forecast and plan by customer, master chain, sales region, business unit, product category and SKU.