Paint Manufacturer & Retailer

The nation’s 4th largest paint retailer, operates three major manufacturing facilities and approximately 168 retail stores in 9 states. One of the largest employee-owned paint companies in the United States, the company enjoys a reputation as a leader and innovator in the paint industry by providing knowledgeable, efficient services to both the painting professional and the do-it-yourself homeowner.


The company sought a solution that would improve its ability to track and analyze product and customer sales and profitability.  The challenges included

  • Visibility into product and customer profitability was limited by store-based accounting.
  • Sales reports on the company’s more than 40,000 SKUs were unreliable, based on an accounting system that did not translate into their product hierarchy.
  • Activity at key accounts was tracked manually.

Senturus worked within the limitations of the existing system, harvesting available data to develop a business intelligence solution that would lead to greater profitability and sales productivity.  Client benefits include improved ability to 

  • Re-allocate and free up millions of dollars of excessive inventory.
  • Identify which products are best candidates for promotional campaigns that boost revenue.
  • Provide sales teams with information about customer profitability so that account management activities can focus on key accounts.  
  • Offer drill-down capability to analyze sales data by district, product segment and individual product.
  • Track sales made by individual sales representatives.
  • Identify partner products that are failing to achieve sales targets and develop effective strategies in response.  
  • Provide manufacturing managers with data of sales by product on a daily basis.  This information enables managers to refine manufacturing plans and material purchases to match current sales demand. 
  • Review same-store sales data while taking newly opened stores into account.

Sales, finance and manufacturing teams have gained earlier and deeper insights about customer purchases.  These insights led  to informed decisions that improved efficiency and profit margins.