Technology Solutions for Financial Services Organizations -

Technology Solutions for Financial Services Organizations

This technology solutions provider delivers state-of-the-art technology services and solutions to a broad range of Farm Credit associations and banks. The company implements and customizes solutions that encompass all front-office and back-office applications and develops alliances and partnerships with Farm Credit and non-Farm Credit institutions. It is owned and controlled by member associations and banks that use its services.

Client Challenges

The client had developed a new data warehouse with a Cognos front end for its owner-member Farm Credit Associations and Banks that provides business users with unprecedented ability to create reports and track the history and current status of loans and analyze loan performance and products by attributes such as location and industry. 

With the new data warehouse in place, a key challenge remained: how to most quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively train business users to leverage the new system and create their own reports. The company needed to train approximately 50 users representing virtually every functional department in the associations. The 20 Associations are spread out over various locations across three states. Ideally, training would be delivered once at each Association location.

Senturus Solution

 The client planned to hold the same training course in multiple different locations.  This made customized training a cost-effective option, as one-time course development costs would be spread over multiple sessions.

Senturus’ training experts leverage more than a dozen years of technical training experience and Cognos consulting expertise. This enabled them to quickly and effectively develop and deliver training and provide the client with a single, dedicated point of contact for developing and delivering training.

Senturus’ Director of Training Services developed a 3 1/2 day training course based on customized standard courseware that reflected the client's specific business and reporting requirements and could be rolled out to business users at a dozen locations across three states.

From the start of course development to rollout of training took a total of just two weeks.

An intense first week was dedicated to defining training objectives, understanding specific user requirements, data model and system, and developing course material. Since the system was brand new, the client had no past or current experience using the system which would shape course development. Therefore, developing course material required Senturus to both discover how the system would be used in the future by users from different department and to invent relevant exercises and sample reports that would best prepare these users to generate reports themselves.

A second week was dedicated to working closely with the IT staff to conduct a careful and demanding review of the course to ensure relevance and usefulness and to test each of the multiple exercises included in the course.

At the end of the two-week period, Senturus was ready to begin training approximately 50 business users across 12 locations.

By leveraging the services of Senturus’ expert training team, the client has equipped business users to realize the benefits of business intelligence solutions.

It took just two weeks for Senturus to develop and rollout customized training to business users from multiple departments and multiple locations. The training provides business users with both the confidence and skills to easily use a new system to create reports and analyze findings.