Power BI Desktop to Enterprise: One-Day Mentoring

Power BI:
Beyond the Desktop

Organizations often struggle to extend the reach and usefulness of analyses in Power BI to a broader audience. If you are experiencing any of these issues, you’re ready to take Power BI to the next level.

  • Struggling with your Power BI dashboard and dataset
  • Constrained by a localized desktop dashboard that everyone is clamoring for but can’t scale and takes forever to run
  • Wishing your data refresh could happen on an automated schedule
  • Your team is wasting time on duplicative manual data manipulations

One of our Power BI experts will mentor you to overcome existing roadblocks with Power BI. Learn how to democratize your dashboards for enterprise-class performance, achieve scalability and/or implement automation. We will focus on the issues that have the biggest impact to your organization.

  • Speeding up dashboard creation to reduce time spent gathering data
  • Reusing data sets to eliminate repetitive work
  • Sharing dashboards across departments
  • Modifying DAX formulas for better performance
  • Performing rapid, on-the-fly recalculations
  • Reducing errors from manual data manipulation
  • Restricting access to sensitive data