Solve Power BI Performance & Cost of Ownership Issues

Power BI Performance Optimization

It’s common to experience growing pains as you scale Power BI beyond the desktop. Performance bogs down. Reports, dashboards and data refreshes are slow to run. In turn, cost of ownership increases as capacity is purchased to address performance.

Getting to the root of these performance issues is not a fast, routine fix and sometimes requires third-party tools. There are many possible causes, including but not limited to:

  • Poorly configured datasets
  • Oversized data models
  • Excessive/poorly planned refresh frequency
  • Refreshing of unused datasets
  • Sub-optimal query durations
  • Proliferation of redundant data sets
  • Not using the most cost-effective Microsoft BI tool

We will assess your entire Power BI environment, or just the individual components, starting with the most likely causes. We know where to look and what to look for.

  • Assess all possible breaking points:

    • Total cost of ownership
    • Refresh analysis
    • Usage analysis
    • Gateway assessment
    • Dataset analysis
    • Dataflow analysis
    • Report analysis
  • Itemize the cause(s) 
  • Recommend top opportunities for performance optimization 
  • Impart best practices
  • Determine opportunities to reduce capacity purchases