Deploying Power BI Premium: Minimize Cost, Maximize Performance

Power BI Premium Implementation

Power BI Premium implementation is not a matter of a simple lift and shift of the existing environment, simply adding nodes to increase capacity, or gradually migrating workspaces.

Power BI Premium is a constrained environment and as such requires active management. Model optimization and governance need to be addressed before deploying. Without those processes in place, the potential for poor performance, unnecessary increases in capacity, and continual cost increases is very high.


Senturus will right-size Premium capacity and streamline its implementation to optimize your performance, scale and cost of ownership. We will work with you to address sizing, administration considerations, purchasing and implementation. Our Power BI Premium deployment service includes

Premium capacity planning

  • Features and options
  • Premium workspaces
  • Power BI Report Server
  • Paginated reports
  • Monitoring
  • Administration

Premium capacity implementation

  • Purchasing
  • Workspace management with assigned capacity
  • Content publishing and sharing policies
  • Performance monitoring
  • Initial paginated reports
  • Viewing and sharing of paginated reports
  • Scheduling of paginated reports for delivery