Power BI Premium Implementation

Moving to Power BI Premium is the next logical step for large organizations that want to take the best of self-service and extend it to enterprise-level performance and scale. It unlocks features that are not available in Power BI Pro. It lets organizations leverage the paginated report capabilities of Power BI Report Builder; run an on-premise Power BI Report Server; and isolate workspaces for geo-targeting, compliance and improved performance.

However, the move to Premium is not a matter of a simple lift and shift of the existing environment, simply adding nodes to increase capacity or gradually migrating workspaces. And while increasing capacity does boost performance, it’s a mistake to think that doing so will address existing performance issues.

Power BI Premium is a constrained environment and as such requires active management. It is critical that time be spent pre-deployment on a well thought out plan of model optimizations and a governance processes. Without those processes in place, the potential for deployment failure or unnecessary increase in capacity is very high.

Senturus will optimize your deployment of Power BI Premium so that you get the most of out your Power BI investment and realize the full potential of agile self-service analytics at enterprise scale.

We will work with you to address sizing, administration considerations, purchasing and implementation. Our Power BI Premium deployment service includes

Capacity planning

  • Features and options
  • Premium workspaces
  • Power BI Report Server
  • Paginated reports
  • Monitoring
  • Administration

Premium capacity implementation

We will enable the following Premium capabilities

  • Purchasing
  • Workspace management with assigned capacity
  • Content publishing and sharing policies
  • Performance monitoring
  • Initial paginated reports
  • Viewing and sharing of paginated reports
  • Scheduling of paginated reports for delivery

Contact us to learn more about our Power BI Premium implementation service. Read our blog Power BI Premium Demystified for more about what’s included in with Premium along with an overview of paginated reports, purchasing/pricing and administration.