Power BI Theme Builder

Our Power BI Theme Builder (below) lets you easily create and modify Power BI Report Themes. Use it to apply your company brand colors to reports or to design your own look and feel.

  • Enter a name for your color scheme in the Theme Name box.
  • Choose colors for each part of the report: the foreground, background, table accent and data. You can either input a hex value for an exact color match or drag the cursor over the color slide and color box to create a color.
  • To modify an existing Power BI theme, click the appropriate button in the Load a Power BI theme box. Those theme values will be automatically populated into each of the report parts and you can then modify as desired.
  • Once you have your chosen colors, click the Download a Theme button at the bottom of this page.
  • Import your newly created theme into Power BI. From the Home ribbon, choose Switch Theme, then Import Theme and then select your downloaded file.
Import a Power BI Theme