Power BI
Jumpstart to Scalability

Are your Power BI dashboards held together by manual manipulations? Are you bogged down by performance issues? Do you want to free up your reporting bottleneck and scale distribution across departments?

Having a solid data model and using the correct Power BI tool for the job are the keys to expanding the performance and reach of Power BI to the enterprise. Different components in Power BI allow you to achieve the same result. However, which feature or service you choose can have profound implications on your performance and scalability.

Let Senturus set you up on the path for success in Power BI.

power bi blueprint to success

Considerations when rolling out Power BI  


In just 2-4 weeks, Senturus will put you on the path to efficient, secure and shareable dashboard reporting. Working in collaboration with you to understand your organization’s unique business needs, we will provide a customized blueprint that allows your organization to get the most out of Power BI and realize enterprise-class benefits.

  • Speed up dashboard creation; reduce time spent gathering data
  • Reuse data sets; eliminate redundant work
  • Share dashboards across departments
  • Reduce errors from manual data manipulation
  • Perform rapid, on-the-fly recalculations
  • Restrict access to sensitive data


Architectural assessment


Discover business needs, existing data layer(s) and key metrics working in hands-on collaboration. Discuss best practices architecture. Review security & distribution requirements.

Data modeling  blueprint


Create and deliver a business matrix that maps department interoperability and consistency of data, identifying attributes (dimensions) across business processes.

Roadmap to Power BI success


Deliver a roadmap of short- and long-term priorities that puts you squarely on the path to building a foundation for a scalable Power BI deployment.