IBM Cognos Analytics Authoring Professional Reports with Dimensional Data



This self-paced course is for experienced professional authors who need to learn how to develop interactive reports against multidimensional, or OLAP, data sources using Cognos reporting. The topics focus on multidimensional vs. relational reporting, dimensional report context, functions for navigating dimensional hierarchies and relative functions.

The course includes video how-to demos and practice drills.

Students should have some experience building traditional (relational) reports with Cognos.


Cognos Analytics 11.0.x and 11.1.x


16 hours

Certified ADA Section 508 compliant

  • 24/7 access to the class
  • Downloadable course manual that may be kept for future reference
  • Documentation on how to access and navigate the e-learning interface
  • Supplemental files and data sets, where applicable

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90-day subscription: $129
6-month subscription: $149

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Cognos Analytics interface and navigation

  • Highlight differences between Cognos 10 and Cognos Analytics
  • Preview how to navigate the portal
  • Preview how to create a new report
  • Explore the data, toolbox and navigate areas
  • Explore the properties pane
  • Explore page views
  • Explore the on-demand toolbars

Multidimensional vs. relational reporting

  • Understand the different types of multi-dimensional data sources
  • Examine multi-dimensional data in Report Studio
  • Compare dimensional and relational sources, reports and approaches
  • Introduce multi-dimensional terminology
  • Create simple multi-dimensional data exploration template

Introduction to dimensional reporting concepts

  • Identify different data sources and models
  • Investigate the OLAP dimensional structure
  • Identify dimensional data items and expressions
  • Differentiate the Cognos BI query language from SQL and MDX
  • Differentiate relational and dimensional report authoring styles

Introduction to dimensional data in reports

  • Work with members
  • Identify and use sets and tuples in reports
  • Use the explore tool

Dimensional report context

  • Understand the purpose of report context
  • Understand how data is affected by default and root members
  • Identify default measure and current measure

Focusing dimensional data

  • Compare dimensional queries to relational queries
  • Explain the importance of filtering dimensional queries
  • Evaluate different filtering techniques
  • Filter based on dimensions and members
  • Filter based on measure values
  • Filter using a slicer
  • Dynamically filter using a tree prompt

Calculations and dimensional functions

  • Use dimensional functions to create sets and tuples
  • Perform arithmetic operations in OLAP queries
  • Analyze performance using a rank function

Functions for navigating dimensional hierarchies

  • Navigate dimensional data using family functions
  • Work with the descendants() function

Relative functions

  • Navigate dimensional data using relative functions
  • Navigate dimensional data using relative time functions

Advanced dimensional authoring exercises

  • Apply your knowledge with additional hands-on exercises
  • Combine various techniques learned throughout the class
  • Expand your use of parameters with query macros

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  • The course materials are copyrighted and any reproduction or distribution of these materials is strictly prohibited.

  • Students will need access to a compatible Cognos Analytics environment with the standard sample data sources and packages deployed to complete the exercises.
  • Students will need the appropriate permissions to access sources, packages, reports, data files and relevant capabilities in these environments. 

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