Analytics Insight

With the rise of self-service analytics, the number of data models and reports across multiple BI tools has mushroomed. Technical and security staff struggle to mesh all this information when undergoing systems upgrades or migrations.

Senturus Analytics Insight solves these problems by cleanly organizing descriptive data for one or more BI tools. Via scheduled runs, it syncs metadata information about data sources, data models, reports and dashboards into a local or cloud-based SQL database for easy analysis and consumption by data catalogs.

Pre-built Tableau and Power BI workbooks included with Analytics Insight can be used against the generated database to quickly and visually dive into descriptive metadata.

The SQL database compiled by Analytics Insight is ideal for:

  • Data catalogs to reference and ingest
  • Analysis of data models and reports being developed and used
  • Comparing reports between different BI tools
  • Security reviews and audits

Analytics Insight is an invaluable tool when performing systems upgrades or migrations. Save time, money and improve accuracy.

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