Data Model Migrator

Senturus specializes in BI platform migrations from and to Cognos, Power BI and Tableau. We developed the Data Model Migrator, which greatly streamlines the process of porting over data models between the platforms. It is particularly advantageous when dealing with complex models and can reduce the time spent porting data models by up to 75%.

One of the most difficult parts of a BI platform migration is moving over data models. Often curated over decades, models are steeped in layers of logic derived from complex underlying data sources. Models contain lots of “tribal knowledge” that may or may not be in-house any longer. Experts on both the old and new platforms are required for reverse engineering and implementation. It is a beast of a project that is tedious, time consuming and, because it’s manual, error prone. And, there is never just one model. Fortunately, there is the Data Model Migrator.


The Data Model Migrator provides an interim model that serves as a clearing house for parsing of business-critical subsets that can then be immediately used in the new tool. The Migrator is particularly effective for complex models which are not easily used by visualization tools, for example migrating a Cognos Framework Manager to an SSAS Tabular model.


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