Migration Accelerator Tools

Migrating from one BI platform to another may be good for your organization, but no one looks forward to the process. Reverse engineering the existing system, rationalizing and consolidating existing data models and reports, and then implementing all that in the new system – it’s a slow, tedious, manual effort that is time consuming and error prone.

Senturus specializes in BI platform migrations from and to Cognos, Tableau and Power BI. We have engineered special migration tools that automate and accelerate the painstakingly arduous processes involved in migrating data models and reports. Using our migration tools, valuable legacy business logic is maintained and BI teams minimize loss of productivity and system downtime.

  • Data Model Migrator: Greatly streamlines the process of porting over data models between Cognos, Power BI and Tableau.
  • Report Insights: Inventories all reports and their contents for easy prioritization of candidates for migration, consolidation, elimination or enhancement.
  • Senturus Analytics Connector: Lets Tableau and Power BI tap directly into Cognos data. With the legacy and new platforms running in parallel, stakeholders gain skills and confidence prior to migration, using secure governed data.