BI Rapid Prototyping

Dashboard Essentials

A well-built dashboard transcends mere graphical presentation; it serves as a powerful business tool. A high-impact dashboard doesn’t just roll off the production line. It’s thoughtfully engineered to take into account audience needs, business performance indicators and functional design.

Creating a minimally viable product (MVP) is the smart, cost-effective way to streamline development and ensure your dashboard hits the mark as a strategic business tool.

  • Test out design, functionality and metrics with stakeholders
  • Accommodate idea iteration
  • Identify missing requirements
  • Discover errors before they are hardcoded in

We will deliver a minimally viable dashboard. Choose to give us your business requirements (lightweight dashboard service) or let us help you define them (full dashboard service).

During this agile process we often find clients discover a big difference between what they thought they wanted and what they actually need.

  • Gather business requirements (full dashboard service)
  • Perform light weight data staging and modeling
  • Deliver a working, drillable dashboard
  • Implement best practices design (full dashboard service)
  • Test out the hardcore requirements to showcase capabilities and identify metrics that may not have been considered

Test drive your dream dashboard


Our Dashboard Essentials is part of our modular Analytics Essentials service. This flexible service lays the foundation for agile analytics and enables the cultural shift to data democratization.

Modules of the Analytics Essentials​