Advanced Authoring Comes to Life

June 10, 2014

Report Authoring

IBM Cognos Report Studio Techniques

Advanced Authoring

Are deficiencies in Report Studio skills holding back the analytics potential of your organization? Are you comfortable working in the Query layer to expand the scope of analysis within a single report? Are you using proven practices to achieve report standardization and increase productivity?

In this webinar recording, expert Senturus trainers, Patrick Powers and September Clementin, share their expertise on advanced Report Studio techniques. They start off by exploring the magical world of working with multiple queries in a single report, and then journey further as they show how to improve the presentation layer with reusable components. 

Recommended Audience

BI Developers, BI Report Writers, BI Authors, BI Power Users, BI Report Consumers


IBM Cognos Business Intelligence 10.2.1, IBM Cognos Report Studio


Patrick Powers
Senior Instructor
Senturus, Inc.

September Clementin
Senior Instructor
Senturus, Inc.