March 17, 2016

Cognos Analytics (v11), End User Self Service, Report Authoring

Learn Fundamentals Plus How They Translate to v11

Get unique insight into the most common Report Studio questions and obstacles to adoption. In addition to valuable information about Cognos BI v10.x, we explored several areas of concern regarding changes to Cognos Analytics v11. 

In this webinar recording, our own report authoring expert, Albert Valdez, helps:

  • Overcome the uncertainty of working with Report Studio
  • Learn best practices for creating effective reports
  • Learn, through demos, the fundamental authoring techniques, such as interactive prompts, simple calculations, complex expressions, visualizations and drill-throughs

Cognos Workspace, Cognos Workspace Advanced, Cognos Report Studio


BI Report Authors, BI Power Users (Developers, Support Staff), BI Managers


Albert Valdez
Vice President of Learning Solutions
Senturus, Inc.

Albert has spent the last 15 years as a technical trainer focused on business analytics and performance management. Before joining Senturus, he was a Senior Education Specialist at Cognos. He is an IBM Cognos Certified Trainer and has his lifetime CTT and certification from CompTIA. Albert has served as a Senior Consultant, Solutions Architect and Director of Education for Senturus.


These questions were answered during the webinar:

  • Where/how do I get started with report authoring in IBM Cognos BI v10?
  • Cognos BI v10 has a lot of options for report authoring: Report Studio, Workspace Advanced, Query Studio, and Analysis Studio. Will you describe which tool is best to use for which situation?
  • If Report Studio is the most powerful tool, why would I ever use Workspace Advanced or Query Studio?
  • Using Report Studio, how do I build a new report with sales information or product lines and revenue?
  • How can I make reports more interactive so I can customize them? For example, I want to create a report that is going to be delivered to all the sales managers around the world, but each manager wants to see only the results for her/his territory.
  • Will reports migrate from Cognos BI v10 to Cognos Analytics?
  • Is it possible to migrate workspaces and other objects that have been built in one of the deprecated studios such as Query Studio or Analysis Studio to Cognos Analytics?
  • What is the difference between a dashboard and a report? Can I use Report Studio to build dashboards?
  • How can I reuse objects in a report?
  • I’ve re-used the query within reports to add data in a line chart. Can I reuse components on multiple reports?
  • Is it helpful to know SQL to optimize reports?
  • Can I execute a stored procedure directly from Report Studio?
  • In creating reports, is there any way to set a default value that is dynamic to make my prompt more intelligent?