The Challenge of Mobile Business Intelligence

April 02, 2014

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Mobile BI Strategy

Mobile Business Intelligence

Business Context

Smartphones and Tablets are only growing in use, and they are used for both personal and work purposes.  Companies need to develop a mobile strategy that incorporates business user needs to maximize worker productivity and collaboration.

Recommended Audience

Senior Executives; Finance Managers; IT Managers; Business Intelligence Managers; Business Analysts


The Newest Wave:

  • As mobile device use increased, business users increased demand for BI on personal devices, such as smartphones and tablets.
  • Companies are motivated to improve BI deployment to expand the number of non-technical users, improve employee efficiency and attract talent. 

Key Study Facts:

  • The top motivator for participants (68% of research participants) was the need to provide information to Line of Business users.
  • 70% of businesses have deployed mobile BI, are getting ready to deploy mobile BI, or hope to deploy mobile BI in the near future.

A Changing Environment:

Smartphones are changing the way in which people work and access their information.  The major limitation of the smartphone is its screen size.  Tablets are only growing in demand and its larger screen size makes it a viable alternative to the desktop.

The Challenge for IT:

Personal mobile devices and other technology are being used for both work and life.  IT will have to deal with a greater variety of data types and increased security requirements. The key question is which mobile operating systems and which mobile applications will be supported.  Business Intelligence will definitely be part of the mix.

New Promise for Collaboration:

Companies are considering ways to support social networking and business collaboration tools to encourage information sharing and teamwork.  Vantana’s research suggests that collaboration capabilities should exist on smartphones and tablets, and be linked to BI analytics for information sharing.

Toward a Successful Strategy

Organizations should consider business mobility as part of its strategy.  There is a huge potential to improve employee productivity and competitive positioning.  It is important to involve employee input while developing your mobile strategy to ensure the right BI capabilities are incorporated into your plan.