Cognos 11.1.3: Demos of New Features

July 25, 2019

Cognos Analytics (v11)

Presented by Cognos Lead Product Manager

IBM Cognos 11.1.3 has some features we’re psyched about. In this on-demand webinar, Analytics Offering Management Leader Chris McPherson provides an overview and demos of the new features and answers questions.

Here are some of our favorite features

  • Share your content by email. Not only can you now share a report via email directly from within Cognos, you can also annotate the visual before you share.
  • Enhanced Assistant capabilities. In addition to offering type-ahead support to improve usability, the CA Assistant understands modifiers like aggregations and filters. But what really caught our attention is that the Assistant can generate a complete dashboard based on what it finds interesting in your data. This feature gives you a starting point when you don’t know anything about your data.
  • Target for bar and column visualizations. You can use the Target data slot in bar and column visualizations in reports, dashboards and explorations to show measures that need to be compared against a target value.
  • Little things…but we liked them. A new font plus improvements to filtering and the Explore feature.

Cognos Analytics


Chris McPherson
Cognos Analytics Offering Management Leader

Chris’s areas of responsibility include the Cognos portal, APIs, mobile and the business partner channel. He joined Cognos in 2005 and held a number of senior technical roles in the support organization before moving to product management in 2008 when Cognos was acquired by IBM.


  • Reporting
    • Visualizations
      • Drill through
      • Drill through definition can be created on 11.1 visualizations
      • Gesture based drill through is enabled with double-click
      • Multi-select on visualization body and legends are both available
      • Bar/column visualization with target line
    • Filter dialog
      • New search functionality
      • Ability to manually input items
      • Simple conditionals can be created in the UI
      • Supports string, numeric range and date filtering
      • Support filtering on empty, NULL and whitespace strings
    • Other improvements
      • Custom blank templates
      • Enhanced report overview
  • Data modules
    • Excel format retained
      • Uploaded spreadsheet files will keep format from xlsx file
        • If you have a spreadsheet with currency, decimals, percentages, you no longer have to ‘re-apply’ format in data module
      • Numeric data groups – binning
        • Numeric bins now support multiple languages
          • Range names reflect product and content locale settings
        • Model validation
          • Validating model(s) had productivity issues—addressed in 11.1.3
            • Provided the ability to copy errors to clipboard
            • When errors occur—notification in application bar
  • Dashboards
    • Defined targets
      • Target Slot
      • Add a target field (from field or calculation)
      • Define target line width/color
    • Troubleshooting
      • Make it easier to troubleshoot problems
      • New console showing widget—IDs and details like errors and query execution time by widget
    • Improvements
      • Assistant Intellisense and type ahead
      • Support for filters and modifiers
      • Supports influencers and predictive visualizations
      • Auto-generation of dashboards
  • Explore
    • Relationship diagram
      • Default view shows only primary relationships, creating a more pleasing, easier to interpret initial view
        • Primary relationships are fields related directly to the field of interest
      • Check box to add secondary relationships
      • Use slider to see more or fewer relationships based on the strength
        • Slider can be used as filter
        • Previously you could only add more nodes to see weaker relationships, now you can display weaker relationships instead of stronger ones
      • Compare card
        • New, more noticeable way to create compare card
        • Use button at top of any Exploration card to create compare card with duplicate of existing visualization, then edit to create the comparison
        • Compare table data for measures aggregated as “average”
        • Axis are now “synch-able” across different measures
      • Categorical targets for driver analysis
  • Collaboration
    • Share via email
      • Share your annotated screenshots via email
      • Quick search—all authenticated namespaces are searchable for recipients
    • Most recently used list
      • The MRU list retains 30 of your most recent recipients that reduce the number of searches sent to the namespace