The New Reporting Experience in IBM Cognos Analytics


The New Reporting Experience in IBM Cognos Analytics

June 08, 2017

Cognos, Dashboards, Reports & vIsualizations, New Features

Demos of Our Favorite New Features

See our on-demand webinar for the new functionality for 11.1.6.

Report authoring in IBM Cognos Analytics v11 delivers a radical new user experience. Authors will be able to master this new interface – and take advantage of some cool new features – with a little training.

In this webinar recording, see a series of step-by-step demos of the new reporting interface. We show you how authoring works in Cognos Analytics and how it contrasts to Cognos BI v10. We go deep on various aspects of report creation including:

  • New vs. legacy templates
  • Adding new report data
  • Creating calculations  
  • New data discovery features
  • New OLAP features

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Cognos Analytics v11


BI Report Authors, BI Power Users (Developers, Support Staff), BI Managers, Business Analysts


Albert Valdez
Vice President of Learning Solutions

Albert has spent the last 15 years as a technical trainer focused on business analytics and performance management. Before joining Senturus, he was a Senior Education Specialist at Cognos. He is an IBM Cognos Certified Trainer and has his lifetime CTT and certification from CompTIA. During his tenure at Senturus, Albert has served in the roles of Senior Consultant, Solutions Architect and Director of Education.


  • A brief history of report authoring with Cognos Analytics
  • Demo #1: Our favorite new features in Cognos Analytics
  • Demo #2: Authoring and data exploration in Cognos Analytics
  • The IBM Cognos author – the path forward