How to Develop a Ragged or Unbalanced Hierarchy

March 02, 2015

IBM Planning Analytics/TM1

IBM Cognos TM1 Performance Modeler

In the latest Cognos TM1 releases (10.2), IBM added new functionalities that allow users to easily and quickly develop ragged and unbalanced hierarchies using the Performance Modeler Guided Import Wizard, a Graphical User Interface (GUI). While this GUI can save significant time and effort for some fairly common tasks, IBM did not extensively document the techniques required for doing so.

In this short video demonstration, Ken O’Boyle, Senturus Senior Planning Architect, reveals how to manage hierarchies through the Performance Modeler GUI to circumvent the need for writing code to handle the source data. This includes ragged hierarchies, where there are null or repeated strings at the intermediate levels, as well as unbalanced hierarchies, which includes null strings at the lowest levels.